I had the idea for this story since 2013 and had slowly, and between other projects, worked on the storyboard through the years.
I figured if I wanted to learn how to make a comic I had to make one. So I started working on it in 2018: sketching, inking, scanning, and editing each page. In the four years it took me to finish it I learned a lot, not only about comic composition and direction but also how to draw many new things, poses, places (and from different angles!)
In 2022, I uploaded it to Tapas and Webtoon, posting 5 to 10 pages per week.

I'm happy that I finally got to share this graphic novel and reach people who liked it.
I still have a lot to learn, but luckily, I have many other stories to tell.

Lost in the streets of a city he just moved into, Nathan stumbles upon a mysterious travelling circus. Things get weird when they insist he accepts a job with them. Confused and overwhelmed he signs a contract, while a girl named Diana watches the bizarre scene.
Now Nathan must adapt to life in a new city while working in a place that isn't at all what he expected. Meanwhile Diana tries to uncover the secret purpose of this strange circus, “The Queen of Silver”.

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Here are some of my favorite pages.